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Thursday, 2011 10 November

Networking for New Attorneys

I participated in an CLE for the Maricopa County Bar recently that was focused on job searches for newly licensed attorneys.  As a legal recruiter, I only work with lateral attorneys but sometimes get calls from new graduates. Here are a few suggestions for those looking for their first position as a lawyer:

Your job is getting a job so work on your search every day and keep detailed notes of contacts you have made including date, and status.  In addition to your school placement office and informational interviews with alums and attorneys you know, you might want to consider developing a website and writing a blog about your job search.  Also social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are great ways to stay connected. Just be sure to use them correctly.

When using LinkedIn make sure you maintain a polished updated profile and try to connect with as many people as possible. Those looking to hire often use LinkedIn to find lawyers.  This is the place you can post your detailed bio and a recent head shot photo. The more people you are connected with on LinkedIn the better so connect with people with whom you would consider exchanging a business card.  In addition to contacting as many people you know, you might ask your contacts for an introduction to some of their contacts.  You can also write a brief introduction to someone you recently obtained a business card from or join a group and identify new contacts within the group.  Try not to let your status become stale so change it every week or so and don’t write the same update each time.  You can comment on your contacts’ status updates, share articles, and participate in group discussions.  You can also send an e-mail message through LinkedIn to drive people to your profile.  LinkedIn can be used to find networking events, see who’s looking at your profile and check on job openings that are posted.

Facebook is your best referral network because it is comprised of those who know you and are likely to refer you for jobs.  You can also use it to keep people updated on your job search.  For “Everyone”, be sure and list your hometown, education, e-mail address, bio and links to your website, LinkedIn and Twitter.  For your profile picture you might have something a bit more casual than on LinkedIn but something you might consider placing in your office at work.  Remember that when you select Everyone, that means the entire Internet has access to this information.  This includes those who are considering hiring you so select the “Friends Only” setting for your birthday, political and religious views, photo albums, interests, lists of friends, and other pages.

Twitter is a good way to establish new relationships.  You can meet new contacts on Twitter because it is conducive to conversation that leads to relationships.  Use Twitter to connect to people you might like to talk to at a cocktail party.  Some law schools and bar associations have Twitter accounts and you might check out TweetLaw, AmLaw Tweeple, TwitJobSearch, LexTweet, and Legal Birds as well as others.  Make sure your user name is short and linked to your profession and try to include as much information about yourself on your profile as possible.

Lastly, when using any networking site or event, always avoid negative comments about job interviews, current or past jobs or anything that may impact you negatively.  Oh, and try not to sound desperate.

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